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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Quilt Show Catch Up

So this is a long post.  I wanted to get my pictures from the quilt show posted, but haven't gotten around to it until now.  At least it's still in the same month (barely) that the quilt show happened.  Here are a couple of my favorites............

Becky's Pumpkin Patrol

Mary's Owl Always Love You

And  couple of mine...........
The Stars and Stripes Sampler that will be donated to the Tiny Houses for Veterans project in January and
my bunny quilt was finished just in the nick of time...........I named it Thumper's Flowers as there are flowers quilted all over it.  Sorry the lighting is bad.........it was hanging by a window.

And the Viewer's Choice Winners.......

2nd place large was Gina's Homespun Rail Fence.  It was huge and made from 1.5" strips!

1st place large was Carrie's Shades of Sherbert.

First place medium was Bobby Jo's Route 66 quilt called Bear's Dream...........all that hand work!

Second place medium was Carrie's Farm Fresh Quilt.

First place small was my Stack of Jacks........those crazy eyes and goofy grins, except for the one on top............I think he's worried about falling off the stack.

And second place small was my Soft Kitty challenge piece.  I was really happy this one got so many votes.  It was definitely a challenge for me.

And catching up on some other sewing.............

All 3 of Pastor Sandy's t-shirt quilts are off to be quilted.............I had lots of help getting them ready.........
I think she was trying to fold here.

And smooth here.
 And just hold things in place here.........

And my Bjorn Bear blocks got sewn together.
I worked on some placemats with some more help from Cici.

I purchased some special fabric to make her a bed.
I think the fabric meets with her approval.  I need to get the bed made before she wears out the fabric!

And that about catches everything up from the sewing room!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Just Keep Sewing, Just Keep Swimming!!

 We had our guild quilt retreat this past Friday and Saturday.  We just stayed in town, and met in a church fellowship hall, but it was so much fun.  The theme was Stitchery Witchery!  Above is the pumpkin I carved for the event.  There was a table/machine decoration contest.  I didn't win as there were some really elaborate themes!

It was also the last regular season football game for my nephews, Carter and Jackson.  I had the guild members hold up signs wishing them good luck.  They didn't win, so finished 8-1, but did get a playoff spot, so have at least one more game this Friday night.  I missed out on some of the quilting games as I had my headphones on to listen at the retreat while I was sewing.

My favorite Show and Tell from the retreat!

Some of my retreat accomplishments......

 12 blocks for my Farm Girl Vintage quilt

My mystery block...........we had a list of fabrics and sizes to bring, then we got another clue every couple of hours during the retreat.........This pumpkin block was the result!

6 Dashing Through the Snow blocks (I feel like adding "And a Partridge in a Pear Tree" here).  

But instead, I'll share how our weekend just went (Seven Swans a) swimming along........

The hubs and I headed to Columbia on Sunday after church to a swim meet!  New experience for us.
This is Kenzie (second cousin from Omaha).  Isn't she gorgeous!  She's a freshman and was in Columbia for a swim meet all weekend at the Mizzou Aquatic Center.  We learned a whole lot about swim meets!  I even have a swim meet app on my phone now.  

She's in the top lane, lane 1 in this photo with a green swim cap.

We got to see her swim the 100 freestyle and the 1000 freestyle.  

 Just keep swimming........ I was impressed that some of her splits (I guess that's what you call them), got faster as the race progressed.  

The 1000 was the last race of the meet and required 40 laps!  Apparently all that swimming can really make you hungry because the hubs and I stopped at Dickey's BBQ Pit after the meet and devoured our meals!  I'm guessing Kenzie was devouring some pizza on the bus ride back to Omaha since she was the one who actually swam all those laps!


Monday, October 21, 2019

I've Got the Music in Me!

The Stitch by Stitch Quilters really got into the spirit of the Musical Inspiration Challenge.  Sit back and start adding songs to your play list!

"I Put a Spell on You!"  I loved this Halloween inspired quilt.

"On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson - antique cars embroidered and made into a quilt!

"Grandma's Feather Bed" by John Denver...........all homespuns with pillow ticking on the back!

"Radioactive" was really out of the norm for Becky!

John Denver makes a second appearance with "Country Roads, Take Me Home".  This was the neatest bag and it won the Challenge prize!

"Freebird"  The flying geese say it all!

"The Star Spangle Banner" was represented by this patriotic table runner.

"One Particular Harbor" by Jimmy Buffet........Judy had been to the east coast to see the lighthouses.

"My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music.  Carol had made bowl cozies for herself from kitten, mitten, and rose fabrics.  Clever!

"The William Tell Overture" aka The Lone Ranger Theme........Ellen made this horse table runner.

"Jessica's Theme" from The Man from Snowy River.  Kaitlyn had a scene sillhouette screen printed onto her fabric, then embroidered the first measure of the music and the backing fabric actually came from Australia.  She's one of my former piano students, and this was her "signature" piece of music.  I think we learned at least 3 versions of it over the course of her piano career.

"Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing"  was the song inspiration for this cute quilt.

"Little Boxes" was the song title, it was the theme music for the tv show Weeds.  Cute quilt made only from scraps.

And mine..........."Soft Kitty" from The Big Bang Theory.  I didn't get my own picture at the meeting, so had to take one at the quilt show.  There are 104 pieces in this, not counting the gray border.  It was definitely a challenge.

So, go update your play list and enjoy the music!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Corn and Pumpkins

As you can see, corn harvest is happening!  This photo was taken last Tuesday when I came home from work to find my natural privacy fence missing.  I had begun to feel better, so took some time to ride along in the combine with the hubs.

Here's my view from the combine...........

And here is my driver, talking on the phone while driving!

Unfortunately, the whole feeling better after the sinus infection that settled into the right side of my face was short-lived.  Wednesday morning I got up to discover that I was allergic to the antibiotic (I had been taking it for over a week) and I had a wonderful rash all over.  I went to the doctor and he changed the antibiotic and put me on steriods which really bother me, so I was back to sitting around and resting.  I had some binding projects to work on, and I had a little help.

Nemo tried to comfort me by nestling close while I was binding some smaller projects.

Here's our attempt at a selfie...........

Can you just feel the stress in him???!!!  He might have been a little stressed if he had realized just how many times I dropped my needle on him.  I would feel around his fur gently until I found it and he would just purr louder as I "petted" him!

What were we working on???

This is my own design.  I had been looking at pumpkin carving ideas on pinterest and was remembering a stack of carved pumpkins at the public library one year (a long time ago when we took Sarah there for story time).  I was contemplating trying something like it this year, but getting the right size pumpkins was going to be tricky.  So, I decided to make it in fabric.  All of the little squares are 1.5" and finish at 1".  I drew it out on graph paper, and had to make lots of adjustments as it first started out way too tall.  That bottom pumpkin had to be squished down a little (which is probably what gives him such crazy eyes!).  It was still pretty long, so I finally eliminated the mouth on the top one and scrunched the mouth on the second from the top.  For the eyes, I went back and looked at Sarah's Veggie Tales videos and tried to emulate Bob the Tomato, and Larry the Cucumber's eyes, but made with squares and half square triangles.  I tried to make each Jack-o-lantern with different shadings of orange, to give them a little more definition.  I think the top stem should have been made with a darker green so it would show up in the background fabric better.  I had originally intended to cut all the background fabric into 1.5" squares and then sew them back together, but as I got into the project, it started to seem a little silly to cut apart the same piece of fabric and just sew it back together.  The teeth are made from music note fabric, so it appears as though the teeth are a little dirty.  The eyes are just odds and ends of black buttons leftover in my button box..........none really match.  

I'm contemplating writing up a pattern.  There are some things I would definitely do differently, but I think it's pretty cute.  I'm calling it Stack of Jacks.

I also finished this Halloween Wall Hanging..........
This comes from a panel called Salem Quilt Show.  If I hadn't gotten my first idea for my Musical Inspiration Challenge Project finished, I would have used this and the musical inspiration would have been the Frank Sinatra tune, "Witchcraft".  But, my first idea turned out really well.............I just can't share it yet since we have our meeting tomorrow night and it will be presented at the "recital" with everyone's entries.  I'm sure I'll have lots of interesting pictures to post from that meeting.

I love all the colors in this wall hanging.  I just raided my 2.5" squares and strips and didn't really have to cut much of anything for this.

So, this wall hanging will be shown during show and tell Tuesday night, and then I'm mailing it to my sister.  She has the perfect rack to hang it on in her hallway.  Yes, it's a surprise and it will be a surprise to her because I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog.

I also finished binding a set of placemats that will be a Christmas present for one of my nephews.
These were made from homespun fabrics.  There will be cloth napkins from homespuns as well.  Again, I'm not worried about showing it before Christmas as my brother's family doesn't read my blog either.

That's all for now.............I'm sure there will be many more pics from the quilt meeting tomorrow evening.